Normally, one would expect things like sleet, rain, snow, and hail falling from the sky. However, there have been strange occurrences that left the world stunned.

Did you know that Russia experienced its first ever meteorite crash a few years ago? You would mostly expect things like these to happen in works of fiction.

What’s even more surprising is that the meteorite crash wasn’t the most outlandish thing to fall from the sky. Things like blood, frogs, and spiders have also fallen from the sky.

Things like these makes one pinch themselves to see if there are awake.

Tons of other bizarre anomalies have occurred time and time again in different countries. The audiences who witnessed these anomalies will never forget them because of how extremely unusual they were.

After all, who can blame them for having nightmares from an occasion where they witnessed blood or frogs falling from the sky?

A large number of people who did not get to witness the weird things that the sky had to offer thought that all of it was a hoax. However, they were quickly proven wrong as some in some of the instances people made videos and took pictures to prove that things like these do happen at times.

Some of these unusual incidents became major news and social media hits while there are others that not a lot of people know about. So without further ado, let us discuss ten of the most unusual things that fell from the sky.

10 Blood Rain

Blaming microorganisms can be quite simple for unusual weather conditions. For instance, a large number of residents who lived in Spanish villages experienced an unpleasant surprise back in 2014.

They saw their village water fountains turn into an extremely gory red shade. This caused quite a lot of panic in the village and led people to believe that the village was cursed. Later on however, it was discovered that their fountains were not spraying blood.

Instead, it was just plain water that turned red because of microscopic algae. After some research it was confirmed that what people were referring to as “blood rain” was essentially rain water that contained freshwater algae.

The algae, also known as Haematococcuspluvialis, create a reddish pigment when under too much stress.

A small town in Columbia known as La Sierra Choco was not quite as fortunate as the above mentioned Spanish villagers. They claimed that they indeed experienced blood rain back in 2008.

An experienced bacteriologist sampled the substance that fell from the sky and verified that it was indeed blood. Johnny Milton Cordoba, who was a priest in that town, claimed that this blood rain was God’s way of telling people to steer clear from their evil deeds.

9 Spider Rain

Nothing is scarier than the thought of countless spiders falling on your car while you are driving it. Unfortunately, a Brazilian web designer actually experienced this a few years back. Erick Reis was going to his friend’s wedding in Sao Paulo. He was had to shoot videos in the wedding.

On his way, he noticed thousands of spiders falling raining from the sky. He recorded this spider rain and posted it on YouTube. It became a massive sensation on the online video service, while proving that unusual things like this indeed happen. Surprisingly, renowned biologists claim that this phenomenon, as strange and outlandish it is, is quite ordinary.

Parana’s Pontifical Catholic University’s biologist Marta Fischer claimed that there is a particular species of spider known as AnelosimusEximus. It is quite small and mostly hangs about near trees where it creates sixty five feet high webs for trapping insects.

She claimed that, these webs that these spiders create break quite easily with strong winds. This leads to detaching the spiders and making them fly to heights, after which they eventually fall and give you the impression that they are falling from the skies. In all likelihood, this is precisely what Erick Reis witnessed on his way to the wedding.

8 Meat

Olympia Spring’s Kentucky town experienced a meat rain back in 1876 on the third of March. To be precise, the meat that fell from the sky was from the beef variety and measured around 2 to 4 inches.

This meat rain happened in a backyard. Allen Crouch was the name of the person who owned that backyard. Once the meat rain stopped, two men had enough fortitude to try and taste the freshly fallen meat. They verified that some of the pieces were also of the venison and mutton varieties.

After some extra medical examination conducted by Great Britain’s Royal Microcopical Society, it was found out that some pieces of the meat could have also belonged to human infants and horses because of similarities in the lung structure. 

As far as how all of this occurred, the theory that seems most likely is that a massive pack of buzzards ate dead cows and horses and flew with some of their pieces, which they eventually dropped a Allen Crouch’s backyard.

7 Frog Rain

The Bible suggests that a rain of frogs is an indicator of a wretched curse. Scientists however, think differently. Most of them have a slightly more logical approach towards occurrences like these. They claim that frog rains occur because of a tornado type that forms on a water body.

This tornado is also known as Waterspouts. Whenever a tornado forms over water where frogs usually reside, it sucks them inside its funnel taking them away from their regular habitat. As soon as the wind dies, it releases the frogs with full force making it seem as if the frogs are falling from the skies.

Frog rains have occurred a couple of times and left people devastated. Waterspouts sometimes also suck in other aquatic creatures like fish, so yes, expecting fish rains would not be unrealistic at all.

Frog and fish rain are more of a logical meteorological phenomenon than a supernatural one. Singapore experienced a fish rain back in 1861 when people noticed dead fish inside their puddle after three days of extreme rain.

6 Golf Balls

Golf lovers in Punta Gorda were spectators to quite a predicament on 1st September 1969. On this date, the residents of this city woke up and found thousands of golf balls that fell from the skies. Could this have been a gift given by the golfing Gods? Well, the meteorologists in Punta Gorda suggested otherwise.

They claimed that since this city is located on the western Gulf coast of Florida, which has tons of other golf courses as well, there was likely a tornado that gulped tons of golf balls in passing; once the tornado was over it rained down the golf balls and other street contents on this unsuspecting town.

So far this has been the only golf ball rain incident that has been reported but it would not be surprising if it happened at other places as well. In most cases, there is a logical explanation for unusual events like these.

5 Worms

On 4th March 2011, the United Kingdom’s Galashiels Academy experienced a rain of earthworms. This earthworm rain happened in the middle of a football game when the players were unexpectedly pelted with tons of earthworms that seemingly fell from the sky.

The sight, according to the students was truly horrifying as they ran for cover when the incident happened. One of the students named Chricton even scooped up some worms to provide evidence of this incident.

Once the incident ended, Chricton talked to his colleagues to find out whether there was a logical explanation to this or not. Although everyone had their theories, no one knew what happened precisely. One of the teachers believed that it was a weather anomaly just like fish and frog rains.

That was disproven quickly as the day when this incident happened was particularly sunny. Some teachers and students thought that it could have been a practical joke by a group of students but Chricton disproved that as well, claiming that the players were nowhere close to any building.

There was a similar incident that occurred in 2007 when a woman named Elanor Beal was pelted with tons of worm clumps while she was crossing the Louisiana streets.

She was just strolling back home from work when this incident took place. Quite a lot of people believed that this worm rain happened because of a water sprout some miles away. The sprout probably sucked in the worms and bombarded them on poor Beal.

4 Cow

A Russian patrol boat rescued a fishing trawler from Japan during 1997 in the Japanese sea. The castaways went through strict interrogation regarding how the shape faced distress. One of those men replied that it happened because a falling cow from the sky was the reason why their ship sank.

No one believed their story and of course, the fishermen were arrested and jailed. A couple of weeks later though, a Russian air force member  told the authorities in Japan that a crew member stole a cow and kept it on the flight. He stole the cow because he wanted beef.

Things did not go according to plan however. Cows are independent creatures, so they prefer not to be in enclosed spaces. The stolen cow was causing a lot of problems for the aircraft and the people who were flying in it.

This resulted in the cow’s poor fate as the aircraft members threw it away from the plane at a staggering height of 30,000 feet as it flew over the Japanese sea. Luckily, this information led to the release of the unfortunate Japanese seamen.

3 Money

Most of us have fantasized about money falling from the skies. A select few people however, were lucky enough to experience this in real life. People saw tons of 1000-franc bills falling from the sky. The incident occurred in a small French town known as Bourges. There was another incident that happened in Chicago, Illinois in 1975 when dozens of one dollar bills rained from the skies.

Some people in Ramsgate England reported pennies falling from the skies above on the 3rd of December 1968. What’s interesting about this occurrence is that no one saw the pennies falling, but several people heard clinking sounds for a few minutes.

Once they went outside, they saw thousands of pennies scattered all over the floor. Things became even more bizarre when people noticed that there were no aero planes or buildings nearby. Some of the coin even had dents, which indicated that they fell from an extremely high altitude.

There was another coin rain episode in England. It occurred in 1981 when a Reddish England resident stated that she saw a coin worth 50 pence falling from the sky when the was walking in a churchyard. Several other children playing about in that churchyard also claimed the same.

What’s so surprising about this is the fact that the church’s Reverend did not notice any missing money. He even questioned the children altogether and each of them stated that the pennies indeed were falling from the heavens above.

2 Non-Dairy Creamer

Chester, which is a town in South Carolina, experienced a non-dairy creamer rain in 1969. What happened was – a company known as Borden used to manufacture Cremora. It was a powdered creamer for tea and coffee. Borden had a massive issue with the exhausting vents in its production facility.

Whenever these vents clogged, they spewed the creamer in the air. These creamer puffs mixed with the dew and rain and resulted in a sticky and gunky mess.

Things like these are quite hazardous for the environment. It pollutes the air we breathe and doesn’t only effect human beings but plants and animals as well. This rain of non-dairy creamer happened on a massive scale and created quite a mess in South Carolina.

The company later on addressed this problem and fixed it. It also had to pay a hefty four thousand dollar fine for inconveniencing Chester’s residents.

1 A Human Body

The last thing one would expect to full from the sky is a full-fledged human body. Well, as strange as it sounds, this did happen in San Diego, California to one Mary Fuller. Fuller was resting in her car alongside her son on the 25th of September in 1978 when suddenly a body crashed her car’s windshield.

Luckily, neither Fuller nor did the son suffer from major injuries. They did have some lacerations however. After some time, Fuller found out that the body that crashed through her car came from an aero plane collision that killed almost 150 people.

The body on her car happened to be a victim of the collision. This aero plane collision is still regarded as one of the worst events in the history of United States aviation because of its high casualty count. Thankfully, the mother and her child who witnessed this were not part of those casualties.

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