Mister Fred Rogers is one of the most likable TV hosts of all time. From his thoughtful philosophy to his ability to communicate and interact with his young audience, Fred Rogers has all it takes to be loved.

His commendable TV show – Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, which aired nationally for over 30 years has also revealed him to be an empathetic person and one committed to educating, enlightening and building kids on humanitarians issues and activities.

But while we have only seen his commendable sides all our lives, it’s quite amusing to find out that the late icon also had a mischievous and cheeky side.

Most couples have something unique they do when they have fully developed into themselves.

Most of them keep this ‘thing’ a secret because it is silly to other’s hearing. Just like every other couple, Mister Rogers had that weird and funny stuff he does to make his wife, Joanne happy.

While for others, it could have been a nonsensical language or inside jokes, it is quite hilarious to see Mister Rogers do such weird act for his wife.

Mister Rogers Enjoyed Farting In Public

Recently, the Los Angeles Times interviewed Rogers’ widow, Joanne Rogers, and she talked about her life with Rogers.

While conversing, she stated that the incredible TV host enjoyed farting in public to make her laugh.

While thinking of her esteemed husband, she laughingly said: “he would just raise one cheek, and he would look at me and smile.” To her, the expression was his way to show what he had done. Joanne told the Times that Rogers was always there to lighten her mood.

Joanne further stated that with Roger’s fame, they were often invited to a lot of events, galas, charity and several functions.

During most of these events, especially the boring ones, Roger would spice things up by letting one rip to entertain her.

To Rogers, farting was his quirky go-to way of making his wife laugh. While so many people might think that Rogers’ behavior is crude and gross, it’s no doubt that the anecdote makes him more likable and interesting.

Since everyone sees Rogers as a perfect gentleman, a complete human and a ‘saint’, Joanne tried to change the narrative by revealing this sweet yet awkward side of her husband.

Rather than fully get along with the unrealistic saintly portrayals and a perfect representation of husband which is fueled with his legacy of good deeds, compassion and kindness to human, she decided to emphasize his sense of humor.

This revelation was stunning yet candid admission about her late husband. Not only has Joanne remained faithful to Rogers, but she has also become his legacy protector – one who would always stand for him.

While serving as a consultant on one of Rogers’ projects – A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Joanne told screenwriter and co-writer of the project Micah Fitzerman-Blue, not to treat her husband as a saint.

Much more than the kind legend he is remembered as she wanted people to know that he is as interesting as anyone can imagine. This, according to her, is the reason for divulging his off-screen antics.

According to producers, this new film is based on the true story surrounding Rogers’ relationship with journalist Tom Junod during an assignment to list the popular TV host for Esquire in 1998.

Initially, the film revealed the reporter’s attempts to show a dark side of the compassionate and kind TV host. Still, as it progresses, there came an unexpected turn around in their relationship.

The journalist and his subject began to form a bond that changed the reporters’ views about life.

Years after the release of the Esquire story, Rogers and Junod continued to communicate through emails and letters. Without a doubt, Mister Rogers impacted lives through his educative and informative children’s program.

More Than A TV Host

Despite being a children program, his shows never side-lined complicated topics like racism, divorce and physical disabilities.

Not only did his program reveal the nitty-gritty of these topics, but it also helped to shape his audience’s perspective about each of them. Rogers was more than just a TV host; he was an influencer.

Just like every other famous personality before him, there are so many myths associated with Rogers.

Some of them include the myth that he was a sniper for the navy, and that he hid his tattoos by covering his arms with his trademark sweaters.

While these rumors could have affected any other person, nothing seems to move his faithful fans. 

Instead, people have been more concerned about his brand of kindness and compassion.

Compassion immersed in his lifelong effort to create a show that was not only aimed at entertaining children but one aimed at guiding them during their formative years.

On several occasions, his shows featured on some documentaries including “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

Although the film was included as a shoo-in at the Oscars, everyone was surprised that it was snubbed. When the Los Angeles Times asked Joanne how she felt about the snub at Oscars, she stated that it was disappointing, but she handled it with a grain of salt.

Fred Rogers has not only lived to be a role model to other TV hosts, but he also lived as a model to his young audience.

Till date, his educative shows, correction and instruction keep serving as a light to the path of many.

She farther indicated that she is glad that they can concentrate and continue with the documentary’s initial purpose without compulsorily receiving acknowledgement from the Oscars. 

Perhaps, there is no greater love for a TV host than being remembered years after his demise.  There is no greater honor for a TV host than being recognized by new generations.

There is no greater achievement for a TV host than being remembered as one of the most entertaining and influential television hosts in history.

Fred Rogers, who was known for his ground-breaking children’s show, which addressed sensitive topics, set the pace for TV hosts to follow.

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