As if lizards were not creepy enough, a curly-tailed variant of this reptilian creature has been terrorizing Floridians since the last couple of years.

Experts are referring to it as the “curly-tailed lizard” because of its abnormally curved tail.

According to experts, this creature is capable of thriving in various foreign territories because it can eat virtually anything.

It even eats regular lizard species, which spells trouble for other small animals in Florida.

Peculiar Appearance

You can spot curly-tailed lizards quite easily because of their unique appearance. As mentioned earlier, their tails have an unusual curve that you will not find in other similar creatures.

Also, their skin is thicker than other similar lizards, making them easily identifiable.

The curly-tailed lizard has bright yellow and black spots. It has a bloated belly, which is quite strange is most reptilian animals are relatively lean.

Are These Lizards Dangerous For Human Beings?

One of the main concerns that people had with this creature is whether it could harm humans.

So far, there haven’t been any cases of a curly-tailed lizard attacking humans.

Researchers suggest that these lizards mostly target insects.

Also, they do not contain any substances that would cause damage to human beings.

That being said, there is not much data to back this theory.

Scientists are still in the initial stages of their research about this creature, and ruling out anything this early would not be a good idea.

In the rare cases that these reptiles come in contact with human beings, they neither attacked them nor showed any signs of threats.

What Does The Curly Tail Lizard Eat?

While regular lizards often eat small insects, this one has a vast palate. It also preys upon slightly larger creatures, such as the greasy food that we eat.

The creature’s appetite knows no bounds and is one of the reasons it has such a bloated stomach.

Reptile experts compared this creature’s anatomy to several other lizard species and discovered that this one had a remarkably unique inner-structure.

It was fascinating enough to make sure that scientists continue researching how this animal remains so nimble and quick despite the quantity of food it eats.

The most surprising thing about the anatomy of the curly-tailed lizard is that it does not grow tired of eating.

It consumes almost everything that comes in its way and keeps wanting more.

Compare this habit to larger reptiles like crocodiles, and you will notice that the curly-tailed lizard’s appetite is much bigger, although they consume their food in smaller quantities.

A Shocking Discovery

After the curly tail lizard started to spread in different places, people were curious about the specie’s bloated stomach.

Scientists took some of these creatures for research purposes thinking that pregnancy was the reason these lizards have bloated bodies.

However, upon close inspection, they realized that the bloating was not due to pregnancy.

Instead, there were giant balls of feces stored inside the body.

The discovery was quite shocking to scientists as virtually every lizard species is agile and does not have swollen stomachs.

They wondered how the curly-tailed lizards remained functional with the added weight of feces stored in their body.

With more than eighty percent of bodily waste, most curly tail results suffer from constipation, which is often their cause of death.

The newly discovered creature holds the record for having the most excrement ever in an animal.

Once again, the condition is also a significant threat to this species.

The animal’s excellent mobility despite its relatively heavyweight remains a mystery, but the scientists do not plan to give up on their research just yet.

Mass Invasion In Florida

The origins of this lizard remain vague.

However, scientists are sure that they could have come from places like Haiti, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Caicos, Turks, or the Bahamas.

Florida has been experiencing a mass invasion of these creatures as there are swathes of curly tail lizards in the State.

While there haven’t been any cases to suggest that these animals pose any danger to human beings, you cannot count out the possibility.

Furthermore, most people find lizards to be quite repulsive because of their appearance, which is why they do not waste time in calling a pest extinguisher or killing the creature by themselves.

Unfortunately, this lizard species have been multiplying rapidly over the past few years.

People fear that they could arrive in other states too, eventually being present all over America.

However, these lizards seem to be content with Florida and are terrorizing children, adults, and in some cases, their pets.

Invasive And Adaptable

Similar to most reptiles, the curly-tailed lizard is quite invasive. You will find it in places where you least expect.

Their meddling nature is a significant reason why people are afraid of it and want to kill them at first sight.

However, the creature is quite mobile and quick. It can sense danger from far away and figure out a way to escape.

These lizards often hide in dark places or any area where sighting them is challenging.

Their color also helps them to camouflage in grassy, stony, and muddy areas.

Besides its quick reactions and ability to evade danger, the curly tail lizard can also adapt to various places.

It is a significant reason why this creature is spreading its different countries.

Their ability to eat almost anything and thrive in different weather conditions helps them to survive in various areas.

Warm climates, in particular, are quite favorable for this animal.

However, it can stay just as comfortable in colder places.

The curly-tailed lizards can grow up to eleven to twelve inches long.

They often prey on beetles, ants, grasshoppers, anoles, and several other insects.

The creature is exceptionally patient when trying to subdue its predator.

It can stay still for several hours until its unsuspecting victim is in perfect range for an ambush.

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