Human beings are the dominant species, and there are no two ways about it. Only a small number of links separate us from animals in the evolutionary chain.

However, there have been some cases where some species of wild creatures tried to prove that they are not so different.

The point they try to make is that the difference between beasts and men is only skin deep and that everyone is an animal deep down in their hearts.

Animal anthropomorphism is becoming more and more prevalent by the day. There have been numerous cases where the blurred line between wild beasts and human beings served as a cautionary tale.

Famous animal enthusiasts like Steve Irwin, Bruno Zehnder, and Roy Horn gained celebrity status because of their deep passion for animals.

Unfortunately, all of them lost their lives doing what they loved most – learning about their favorite animals and helping them.

Steve Irwin lost his life to a vicious stingray attack. Bruno Zehnder passed away by freezing to death while living in Antarctica because of his deep passion for penguins.

Roy Horn faced his untimely demise by getting mauled on stage by his favorite tiger.

While each of these incidents shook the world to its core, none of them comes close to the tragic death of grizzly bear enthusiast Timothy Treadwell.

The man was a big fan of Alaskan grizzly bears.

He spent a considerable chunk of his life among them and met his unfortunate demise when the creatures that he adored turned on him and battered him to death.

The Grizzly Man

Because of Timothy Treadwell’s devotion to grizzly bears, people started referring to him as “Grizzly Man.”

His undying passion for these wild creatures ignited his interest in documentary filmmaking and environmentalism.

He pursued these subjects with a lot of interest and eventually began to study and document the time he spent with the Alaskan grizzly bears in Katmai National Park.

Contrary to what many people believe, Timothy’s passion for these creatures didn’t occur overnight.

It all started in the latter years of the 1980s when he began spending his summer vacations in various parts of Alaska.

He camped at the Katmai Coast for thirteen summers in succession.

The area was famous because of its high grizzly bear population.

During the early weeks of summers, Timothy would spend his days on a grassy area known as “The Big Green” at Hallo Bay.

After some time, he shifted to a Southern Alaskan area known as the Kaflia Bay. It was famous because of its thick bushy grass.

Getting Acquainted With The Grizzly Bears

The Big Green was an excellent area for people who wanted to see bears.

The low grass offered excellent visibility, and people would sight bears with no obstruction in their view.

Treadwell went to this place so often that he started referring to it as “The Grizzly Sanctuary.”

In contrast to The Big Green, the Kaflia Bay was thicker and had a lot of woods.

It was an ideal spot for people who wanted to get in contact with the wild grizzlies. Because of the location’s various hiding spots and grizzly trail intersections, people started calling it “the grizzly maze.”

Timothy would go there quite often and often camped for days.

As his passion grew, he started extending his stays at the grizzly maze, spending weeks and months getting up close with the wild bears.

Once Treadwell began to become comfortable with the animals, the man started getting closer and began filming the creatures.

He intended to make a documentary to disprove the notion that these bears are dangerous.

Timothy spent a long period to develop trust and respect with these animals.

It led him to believe that bears share several similarities to human beings, and if you spend some time with them without being overly intrusive, they can be quite welcoming.

The grizzly man recorded several of his interactions with these wild animals on his video camera and posted them online.

Expectedly, the films went viral and garnered mixed reactions from the viewers.

Some people believed that Timothy was risking his life for 15 seconds of fame, while others believed that what he was doing was worthwhile and could help people understand wild beasts such as grizzly bears in a better light.

Grizzly Friends

After spending several years with the same pack of bears, Timothy Treadwell formed a relationship with most of them.

No one expected these animals to be so warm and welcoming towards human beings, especially with several incidents where grizzly bears mauled their victims to death.

Timothy explained that these creatures only become hostile if they sense danger.

Since the grizzly man was nothing but friendly to them, the animals treated him with the same respect.

People who saw Timothy’s chummy relationship with the grizzly bears couldn’t believe their eyes.

Some of them even tried to emulate what he was doing but failed miserably.

What Treadwell did to gain the trust of these animals took years and years of practice.

Therefore, creating a rapport with these wild beasts within days was virtually impossible.

Timothy’s affection for his grizzly friends grew so much that he risked breaking the law several times to feed these humungous animals.

The security at the National Park penalized Treadwell’s behavior several times, but he would always find a way back to the enclosures.

A Cautionary Tale

As Timothy’s friendship developed with grizzly bear packs, he started becoming reckless and threw caution to the wind whenever interacting with them.

He stopped following the precautionary measures to avoid angering these animals and fend off their attacks.

One day, as the grizzly man and his girlfriend, were walking in the famous grizzly maze during the winters, they became victims of an unexpected attack from one of their grizzly friends.

The couple met a horrific end as the beast ripped their bodies apart.

Animal experts in the area claimed that the attack happened because the bear was looking for food and thought that the victims would get in the way.

They further stated that while such events are relatively rare, they serve as a cautionary tale for everybody who thinks that grizzly bears are not dangerous creatures.

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