A-list celebrities whether actors male and female, singers, TV personalities, or socialites are in a specific group of people who need to safeguard (and improve) their good looks in the hope of staying relevant to the industry, maintaining popularity, and therefore ensuring job security.

We have to admit that Hollywood stars and celebrities in general are loved by the public not only for their talents but also physical traits.

As long as they are in their best shape, the entertainment industries will continue to adore them and give them lucrative works.

Plastic surgery is nothing unusual in the lives of the rich and famous; many have undergone the procedure (or multiple cosmetic surgeries) to alter their appearances, either to gain subtle yet noticeable changes or obvious transformations.

Only few celebrities who have so far managed to consistently deliver praised performances without taking the extra measures.

Although plastic surgery is available for all, celebrities on this list have spent ridiculous amount of money for the procedure, probably more than once.

10 Vivica Fox

There was a time when Vivica Fox was still an aspiring female actor and models; it was also the time when she had a real nose.

Not a lot of people can recall those days, because Fox has been with her new nose for quite some time indeed.

The nose job probably was the first among many other plastic surgeries that later followed, including on the lips and breasts.

Some sources suggest that she has spent more than $26,000 over the years for such procedures.

9 Nicki Minaj

Regardless of what she says about her own appearance, it is clear to the public that Minaj has undergone plastic surgeries on at least several parts of her body.

The nose job is of course obvious, along with skin bleaching procedure.

Butt augmentation is not so subtle either, which is a good thing because it cost her around $11,500.

Minaj never admitted to having received plastically surgeries on the face and on the rear area of the body. A bold claim difficult to believe.

8 Demi Moore

During her youth, Demi Moore was easily one of the most beautiful female actors in Hollywood. She is still quite a looker even today at the age of 57, although there are apparent signs of aging on the face.

Rumors have it that Moore began to grow insecurity about her appearance during her marriage to Ashton Kutcher, who is much younger than her.

Various sources suggest that Moore has so far undergone liposuction and breast implants; she also underwent surgical procedures to correct her knees.

In total, she spent around $400,000 for all those procedures.

7 Cher

Although Cher admitted to “only” having nose job and breast augmentation done, but it is easy to see why most people easily dismiss the claim.

She once said, “The truth is that in my job, becoming old and becoming extinct are one and the same thing.”

It seems that the statement still rings true today, not only to Cher but also many other celebrities.

There have been speculations that Cher has spent around $750,000 for multiple cosmetic surgeries including Botox, eyelid surgery, and fat grafting.

6 Lil’ Kim

In addition to her rap skills, Lil’ Kim came to prominence also because of her unconventional sense of fashion and romance with Biggie Smalls.

Many of her fans are disappointed with the way she chose to have plastic surgeries to alter her natural appearance.

Some sources say that she has spent more than $19,000 for skin bleaching, nose job, and cheekbone alteration procedures.

Judging by her online now-and-then photos, we can only say that money can indeed give you a brand new look.

5 Jocelyn Wildenstein

When it comes to plastic surgeries gone wrong, few (if any) public figures, or in this case socialites, picture the matter better than Jocelyn Wildenstein.

The extensive facial surgeries she has done over the years resulted in her being nicknamed Catwoman, The Lion Queen, and sometimes The Bride of Wildenstein.

Her divorce with Alec Wildenstein in 1999 gave her an extensive amount of settlement money in the range of $2.5 billion and alimony of $100 million per year for 13 years.

She spent anywhere between $2 and $4 on plastic surgeries alone.

4 Tom Jones

The legendary Welsh singer was at the top of his career in the 1960s.

He was back then regarded as male sex symbols by many.

His infidelities were almost always well-publicized because he had extramarital affairs with some well-known women including Marjorie Wallace (former Miss World), and TV host Charlotte Laws.

He has stated that at the height of his career, he had sex with up to 250 groupies a year.

His desire to stay young can be a major reason that he underwent multiple facial surgeries (most likely other parts too), which cost him around $46,000.

3 Sharon Osbourne

The wife of the Prince of Darkness apparently also spent ridiculous amount of money to alter her appearance.

Sharon Osbourne even said that there was not much on her body that she had not enhanced, tweaked, or removed.

In 2013, she made a statement that she would not get any other cosmetic surgeries done.

It is of course a good idea because she spent around $185,000 for all the procedures she had done in the past. There is no telling if she still keeps to her own word now.

2 Kris Jenner

In addition to getting Botox, Kris Jenner also has received a facelift and breast augmentation. There have been rumors that she also had a nose job.

There are two conflicting claims regarding how much money Jenner spent to support her needs to alter her physical appearance; some say the procedures cost around $70,000 but her own sister suggested that Kris spent around $1 million on plastic surgeries.

This is the kind of example that no mother should give to children.

1 Kim Kardashian

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that Kim Kardashian has had cosmetic procedures done on her body.

The Internet was (and still is) obsessed with her, particularly whether her rear part is indeed all natural.

From the looks of it and upon closer inspections of her photos from time to time, the logical conclusion is that the booty is at least partly artificial.

One report suggested that Kim spent around $80,000 on cosmetic procedures, so probably some other parts have been altered too.

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