Most people familiar with psychology will have heard of the Oedipus Complex. In this psychological condition, a man feels sexual attraction to his mother and seeks out qualities close to his mother in other women to satisfy it.

There is a reverse to this phenomenon, similarly based on a Greek myth: the Elektra Complex.

These conditions are not always manifested in a literal way.

That is, it’s not still about sons or daughters wanting to have sex with their mothers or fathers, respectively.

Not always isn’t never, though. Samantha Kershner was involved in an incestuous relationship with her father, who hadn’t seen her since he abandoned her as a baby.

When they finally met, what happened next was a shocking and unbelievable breakthrough in psychology.

Hall County Jail

10 /10 Abandonment

Samantha Kershner was abandoned as a baby by her father, Travis Fieldgrove when he was 18 years old. For the next 18 years, she had no clue who her birth father was. Her mother remarried, and during that time, she got a half-sister.

The broken family dynamic that had been around since before Samantha could even remember may have contributed to her eventual demeanor when it finally came time to try and make right her twisted family origin.

Hall County Jail

9 /10 Return

Samantha asked her mother to help her locate her birth father. She had an initially innocent curiosity as far as things were concerned.

Her mother could find Travis Fieldgrove despite having no factual or evidentiary records of him as the father and set up a meeting between them.

At that point, they had long since passed the ground of reconciling things. Travis had a whole different life at that time, but he was agreeable to meeting his daughter.

8 /10 Family Reunion

Samantha and Travis rekindled their bond as father and daughter in a perfectly normal and acceptable way for the first few years.

There were no complications between them at that time. For about three years, there was no news or events that would lead anyone else to believe something may have been going on.


7 /10 Jealous Bet

The trouble started when Samantha’s half-sister made a bet with her as to who could sleep with Travis first.

According to Samantha, this was the justification she used in her defense over sleeping with him.

It may have been that she had bonded close enough to Travis to feel like she needed to protect him, or perhaps her underlying Elektra Complex could have prompted her to retaliate by striking first. Either way, that bet was what started the main trouble because Samantha won it.


6 /10 The Wedding

Soon after they did it, an investigation was called on a tip that they had a felonious relationship. Incest is a federal crime and a strict offense in Oklahoma, where both of them lived.

In an attempt to possibly justify things, they got married very quickly at the Adams County courthouse.

However, once the investigation reached a conclusive stage, their marriage was void, as marriages between related parties are not legal or upheld in Oklahoma.

5 /10 Excuses

At first, Samantha was questioned by the police about her relationship with Travis.

She denied their connection ever turning sexual but later recanted those statements and told the truth that on September 10th of the previous year, they did engage in sexual acts with each other.

She also revealed the reason, the bet with her half-sister, who was not implicated in any legal proceedings.

Travis’s denial was much more straightforward. His name wasn’t on her birth certificate, so he denied being her father.

4 /10 The Results

Travis Fieldgrove was subjected to a DNA test that proved that he was, in fact, Samantha’s father.

The results of DNA tests confirm familial relations have had spotty track records in the past and were popularized mostly by the nearly fictional swiftness they have in television shows and staged reality programs.

However, the actual police-requested results came back with %99.9999 certainty with almost no margins of error to account for that he was her father after all.

This came in dispute of his claims that DNA tests he had personally taken contradicted their claims.


3 /10 Crime

Some may be confused as to why the police had to get involved. A father and daughter shacking up are gross, and it is illegal in Oklahoma and every other US state.

No one was hurt. Samantha was an adult at the time the relationship took place. On the other hand, Travis had a brain injury that left him partially impaired in the way of his judgment and other faculties.

He was still in control of his life within legal limits. Even the defense raised the argument that he was not the sole perpetrator and that perhaps Samantha may have enacted the majority of the seduction.

2 /10 Punishment

Regardless if it was done for love, a spat, or thoughtless weird subconscious psychology, Samantha and Travis were issued prison sentences.

However, Travis agreed to take a plea of no contest, which meant he would offer no defense at trial and accepted the entirety of the charge against him in exchange for lightening Samantha’s punishment.

As a result, he was sentenced to two years for felony incest in prison after serving an additional sentence in Hall County’s jail.

Afterward, he will have a year of probation. Samantha was behind bars for only 22 days and was released knowing that she had no other fathers to marry and thus no possibility of repeating her mistake illegally.

1 /10 Runs In The Family

Since the falling out occurred, Travis is still in jail, and Samantha was released back to a shameful life with her mother and sister.

She never revealed what led to their relationship turning sexual aside from her half-sister’s bet.

Modern psychology has dismissed many older ideas, such as the Elektra Complex, as fictional theories made up by men who didn’t understand women well enough to diagnose them confidently. But maybe some issues aren’t as complicated as they may be diagnosed.

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