Ever wondered how people turn normal acts to abominable acts? Ever wondered why things that were normal in the past became abnormal and weird in the present?

Just as you try to reason what seemed like a mystery, many people have also wondered how the common, fun-filled foot fetishes that had been around since the Victorian era turned to a slaying fetish for Jerry Brudos.

Jerry Brudos’ foot fetishes began when he was five years old. He was in the neighborhood junkyard when he found a pair of women’s heels and fell in love. Rather than overlook it, since he wasn’t even a girl, he took the shoes home and tried them on himself.

While enjoying the fantasies formed at those instances, his mother humiliated him and destroyed the shoes. While that could have suspended his love for women accessories, Jerry developed an obsessive desire for them.

From a growing fascination with violent fantasies, Jerry began to steal from women in his neighborhood. He reportedly stole his teacher’s high heels and a couple of women’s undergarments.

Youthful Lust Develops Into A Murderous Lust 

Everyone thought that John’s s*xual fetish was not more than a harmless random fixation on women’s shoes, but that wasn’t so as his obsession turned to a murderous lust.

While looking through Jerry Brudos’s life, authorities found that his mother would have most likely fueled the intersection of hatred for his s*xuality due to her unending disappointment in the gender she birthed.

Jerry’s mother, who already had a boy, hoped to give birth to a girl as the second child. But to her surprise, she gave birth to another body.

Not only was she disappointed in the gender of her child, but she also turned her disappointment to open hostility. She dressed her son as a young girl and humiliated him for things he didn’t cause.

While such a s*xually repressive atmosphere may have triggered no response from another kid, it took a deep toll on Jerry Brudos. Much more, it formed in him a wrong identity. In this reversal identity, pain and anger are turned into a hatred for his mum and twisted, vicious misogyny.

Jerry Brudos Psychiatric Evaluation 

At a teenage age, Jerry had begun to transform his violent fantasies into a reality. He stalked local women and knocked them down before stealing their shoes.

On another occasion, he attacked a woman and forced her to let go of her possessions. At age 17, he reportedly attacked a woman with a knife, threatened to kill her, told her to pull off her clothes and forced her to pose to snap her naked body.

Some witnesses stated that he beat her to comply with his s*xual demands while another set stated that he only threatened to beat if she didn’t listen.

Although he didn’t kill her, he was arrested for assault and sent to the mental health ward of Oregon State Hospital. At the mental health facility, he underwent a deep psychiatric evaluation.

With the evaluation in place, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and rage directed towards his mother. His psychiatrist then advised him to get out of the bonds of the rage and start a life.

To everyone’s surprise, Jerry Brudos listened, graduated from high school, became a mechanical and electrical engineer, and served in the military. However, his military service was short-lived as he was discharged for his “bizarre obsessions.”

Brudos appeared to be normal, but the darkness in him soon awoke when he settled to marry. At age 22, Jerry settled to marry his 17-year-old girlfriend, Darcie Metzler.

Soon after, the couple moved to Portland, where they had Megan in 1962 and Jason in 1967. His actions through this period made his friends believe that he was a changed man.

Some of his friends described him as a devoted family man who neither drank nor smoked and rarely, if ever, used profanity rather than what he posed to be, Brudos had turned to a crazy man who indulged his extreme s*xual fetishes in his marriage.

The Appearance Of The Darkness Within

He was fond of taking a naked picture of his wife and also fond of ensuring that she walked around the house naked but with heels.

At first, many wondered if his actions towards his wife were forced or consensual, but they soon concluded that it was forced as the couple stopped being intimate a few years later.

Fantasies Turned Murder 

In 1967, Jerry attacked his second victim. He reportedly followed the woman home after noticing her pair of shoes. After the woman had settled in bed, Jerry broke in, strangled her till she was unconscious, r*ped her and then took her shoes.

A year later, he recorded his first murder to Linda Slawson. The door to door encyclopedia saleswoman had gone to Jerry’s house for business.

Upon knocking on his door, he noticed her pair of shoes and lured her to his garage. After making her feel comfortable, he knocked her out and strangled her.

As that wasn’t enough, he dressed her several female shoes and undergarments he had stolen, arranged her body in manipulative poses, and took pictures.


In 1968, he abducted Karen Sprinker at gunpoint, took her to his garage, made her wear his collection of stolen undergarments, and forced her to pose for pictures.

Afterward, he r*ped and strangled her to death. On several occasions, Jerry had s*x with the body. Later on, he cut her breast, made plastic molds from them, and then threw her body into a river after tying it to a car engine.

That same year, Brudos met a stranded college student, Jan Whitney, on the highway and offered her a ride, which she accepted.

During the journey, Brudos strangled her and r*ped her dead body in his car. He took her corpse home, placed it in his garage, and kept having s*x with the body.

Later on, he cut off her breast and dumped her remains in the River. He reportedly tried to abduct other women, but two got away while Linda Salee was unfortunate to be another victim.

Just as he did with other victims, he strangled, r*ped her, cut her breast, and dumped her in the River. In the space of 18 months, Jerry Brudos killed four women.

The End Of The Murder Spree

In May 1969, a fisherman found a body floating on the River while scouting for a fishing location. Two days after the discovery, another body was found.

Police found out that both bodies had similar mutilations and similar modes of disposition. Not only were they thrown into the River, but they were also tied to car parts, which helped them sink to the bottom of the River.

While carrying out the investigations, the Police found one of the dead girl’s roommates who revealed that the dead girl had met with a man before her demise. She also revealed how the man kept calling her since the death of her friend.

To lure him out, Police persuaded the girl to plan another date. On the planned day, Police arrested him. While being interrogated, Jerry confessed his involvement in the murders, kidnaps, and assaults.

Having obtained a search warrant of Brudos’s home, Police found more substantial evidence against Jerry. He was found guilty of all the murders and was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.

His life sentences could have been four, but Slawson’s body was never found. In 2006, he died of Liver Cancer after spending 37 years in the Oregon Department of Correction.

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