For a lot of people, plastic surgery is a cosmetic procedure to improve appearance. At least that was the original idea during the Ancient Egypt’s Old Kingdom period.

As medical science and technology develop over time, plastic surgery remains the method of choice among the wealthy to enhance their facial features and sometimes alter physical characteristics of other body parts.

At the same time the society also changes, and some people have different opinions and preferences on their looks.

There is no universal agreement on what the ideal body or face should look like because beauty has always been and will always be in the eye of the beholder.

Some people see plastic surgeries as the gateways to acquire the kind of physical characteristics they crave for.

The subject becomes quite controversial when those who decide to undergo the procedures want to get outlandish backlash-triggering even cartoonish and unnatural transformations.

Here are just few of them.

10 Vinny Ohh

No one says unnatural transformation louder than Vinny Ohh.

He has spent hundreds if not millions of dollars to transform his natural appearance into alien-like.

He has received more than 60 plastic surgeries to modify his face to the point where it now looks unworldly.

Ohh currently is planning to have his genitals removed so that he may become a genderless alien.

After that, the next move will be the removal of nipples and navels.

Whether or not real aliens out there actually look like him and are genderless remain unclear.

9 Pixee Fox

There is nothing wrong with idolizing fictional or character you see in movies or TV.

For Pixee Fox, a model from North Carolina, it is Jessica Rabbit – a s*x symbol among classic animated characters – from the mystery novel “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” and its film adaptation Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Fox has taken extreme measures to let the world know of her obsession; she has undergone at least 17 surgeries including breast augmentation, eyelash transplant, eye color change, face realignment, and procedures to remove six lower ribs.

8 Adam Daniel

For about 15 years now, Adam Daniel has been a professional Madonna impersonator.

He might as well do make money from that because he has spent more than $75,000 to achieve the looks of The Material Girl by undergoing multiple plastic surgeries including cheeks implants, brow lifts, and reconstructions of chin and jaw.

Daniel claimed to have performed more than 4,000 times in the past as Madonna impersonator. He is so popular now that he gets into Madonna gigs free of charge.

7 Blondie Bennett

If Pixie Fox craves for the looks of Jessica Rabbit, Blondie Bennett wants to be real life Barbie.

Bennett is now 42 years old and has undergone at least five breast enlargement procedures in addition to liposuction, cheek implants, and of course Botox.

At one point she also said to have been under hypnotherapy sessions because she wanted to be as brainless as a Barbie doll; the hypnotherapy was meant to lower her IQ and apparently she claimed the procedure was effective.

6 Thalia Almodovar

The 32-year old Thalia Almodovar was born male and has so far spent around $107,000 for plastic surgeries to transform his former self into Kim Kardashian West.

Almodovar began gender transition procedures in teenage years and claimed to have no intention to look like the popular Kardashian – at least at first.

But the breast implant, butt augmentation, and lip injection among other procedures combined have made Almodovar’s look somewhat resembles Kim Kardashian’s.

Soon after she realized it, however, she began to explore the possibility of becoming a professional celebrity look alike.

5 Monique Allen

When done properly by knowledgeable professionals, plastic surgeries can indeed improve appearance to a certain extent.

Unsupervised procedures by unlicensed doctors can lead to dangerous, perhaps life-threatening side effects; case in point, Monique Allen.

Born male, Allen had gender reassignment surgery at the age of 22. She then went on to receive more than 200 plastic surgeries including silicone injections that accumulated to a whopping amount of 12 liters inside her body.

She has spent nearly $120,000 to have the silicone removed as the plastics began to deteriorate her health.

4 Janet Horrocks

It is adorable to hear parents say how proud they are of their kids.

Janet Horrocks, a 61 years old woman from Burnley, U.K., also is proud of her daughter but the mother has her own extreme way of showing that.

So far Horrocks has spent more than $58,000 on cosmetic procedures including eye lifts, nose jobs, laser resurfacing, and breast augmentations over the years with one purpose in mind: to look like her daughter.

She said that the transformations are all based on her daughter.

3 Emma And Sara Koponen

The 31-year-old twins, Emma and Sara Koponen have both spent more than $37,000 on plastic surgeries in the hope of looking like identical dolls.

They are twins to begin with, but since they are both obsessed with body modifications, they have undergone the same exact type of cosmetic procedures too including breast enlargements and lip injections.

Koponen twins make sure they have the same diet and exercise routines to maintain the identical looks. They don’t plan to stop getting plastic surgeries anytime soon.

2 Victoria Wild

The self-proclaimed “bimbo” has spent around $36,000 for plastic surgeries to achieve her dream of becoming a real-life s*x doll.

She has had permanent lip implants, several breast enlargements, rhinoplasty, and Botox done to change her appearance over the years and resemble an inflatable love.

She began to save money in her teenage years from modelling works to afford her first breast enhancement. As she learned more about plastic surgeries, she started to crave for even more procedures.

1 Martina Big

The outlandish German model is now 47 years old. She has spent around $65,000 for breast enlargement procedures, but her true controversy surfaced soon after the tanning injection that gave her the “black” skin tone.

On the season finale of Botched, she asked the plastic surgeons to give her a rhinoplasty so that her nose would match the skin color.

Just this month, she shared an update on social media to reveal another procedure in which she filled up her breasts with two bottles of saline.

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