The cosmetic industry has seen plenty of trends come and go over the years, flooding the social media news feed for a brief period before returning to oblivion.

However, among the easy-come, easy-go buzzes, there are bounds to be some mainstays with steady if not growing interest like breast augmentation, plucked brows, and lip fillers.

The entertainment industry has an undeniable role in generating the public’s fixation with lip injections. With her enviable natural plump, Angelina Jolie comes to mind, and so does Kylie Jenner with her enhanced lips.

Overnight, the Internet saw a massive spike of searches for lip fillers, and inquiries for the procedure soared up like never before. 

For Andrea Ivanova, a 23-year-old girl from Bulgaria, lip injection is more than just a beautification procedure but an obsession.

Unlike most women, Andrea has gone through at least 20 injections over the last three years, not just to make minor refinements each time but also to increase her lips’ size.

She has spent many thousands of dollars on the procedures; it is believed that she has the enormous lips in the world.


10 /10 Bigger Each Time

Most women with augmented lips probably undertook the procedures once or twice to get to the desired looks, then maintain the proportion.

Andrea Ivanova would argue that it is not the right way to do it. She had her first lip augmentation procedure done in December 2018.

Despite having dozens more injections over three years, she still feels nowhere near her goal. Her lips grow disproportionately bigger with every injection than her other facial features.

9 /10 Another Injection For Christmas

Approaching the end of 2021, she made headlines, both flattering and otherwise, all over social media for announcing that she was going to get another lip injection in Christmas.

That would be the 27th time she took the procedure. Andrea once said that her ultimate goal was to look like a Bratz doll, and she should have stopped perhaps after the fourth or fifth injection if that was the case.

In reality, she now looks like one of those dolls but with a scaled-up lips size.

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8 /10 Keen Following

Andrea does have quite a lot of followers on her social media accounts. On Instagram alone, she has more than 14,000 of them and about 2000 more on TikTok.

On her OnlyFans account, subscribers must pay $35 to get access. She claims to have the world’s most prominent human lips.

Most of her fans and followers seem to adore her for that specific feature, as she is often pictured on social media posts as pouting the lips.

Given the size, it is not hard to imagine Andrea making no expression while still boasting the pout quickly.


7 /10 Expensive Augmentation

Every beautification procedure costs a good amount of money, especially if it involves surgery or other invasive procedures. Some reports say that Andrea spends around $250 for every lip injection.

If she has done the same process 27 times, well, then the total cost accumulated to a hefty $6,750. Andrea has said she has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

When finally she is pleased with how her lips look, she plans to focus on other facial features like jaw and chin.


6 /10 Next Body Modification In Line

When talking about the possibilities of having more procedures to alter the length and contour of her face, Andrea claimed to have been contacted by men from all over the world, all day every day, offering her money and other forms of appreciation for her efforts like vacation trips or interviews.

Some of her fans express concerns about the health risk of putting more fillers into her lips, but she never backs down anyway, and Andres tells them she is not worried about her lips bursting.


There have been online criticisms, and some of her family members have also expressed disagreement with her obsession.

Andrea maintains that she loves her current outlook and should stay indifferent to other people’s opinions despite the concerns.

In a statement, Andrea says she is a broad-minded person and thinks that everybody is free to make a choice.

As for the size of the lips, Andrea still has not set any particular boundaries whatsoever. Her only worry is that the family disagreement may escalate to a more severe issue.

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4 /10 Daffy Duck Girl

Some people in social media have compared her to Daffy Duck – the anthropomorphic black duck friend of Bugs Bunny in Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.

In her bid to look like a famous doll, Andrea has probably quadrupled the natural size of her lips so far.

Each time she thinks the length starts to reduce, she refills them with an injection of hyaluronic acid, a joint dermal filler in cosmetic surgery.

Big lips give her confidence, and the risk of some serious health effects does not seem to bother her that much.

3 /10 All Kinds Of Lip Fillers

Andrea is a student of German philology at Sofia University in Sofia, Bulgaria. She claimed to have visited every beauty clinic in the city to receive treatments.

Andrea likes her lips even more than before. She feels happy and good about how they look; she feels prettier with bigger lips.

In addition to the risk of her lips bursting, another troubling issue is that Andrea has received different types of fillers over the years.

One chemical is dangerous enough for most people, but she is willing to take the chance in her bid to achieve her dream look.

2 /10 Hateful Comments

Andrea was not willing to give the exact number when asked about how much money she had spent on the procedures.

She instead explained that money was not an issue and did not keep track of the expenses. However, Andrea was happy to talk about the thousands of compliments on her lips, styles, fashion choices, and visions.

Her friends never have problems with her unusual sense of beauty and massive lips. There are many hateful comments, but she doesn’t want Internet trolls to hold her back with their opinions.


1 /10 Breast Augmentation Plan

Andrea has also undergone breast augmentation surgery, apart from the currently big lips and some more procedures planned for the jawline and chin.

She likes to be different and eccentric, a person who stands out from the crowd.

As if her lips were not prominent enough that people won’t notice, Andrea prefers an elegant look, so she also applies glamorous cosmetics with heavy dark accents, large eyelashes, and artificial hair.

Her favorite lip product is a moisturizing cream called Blistex. Her doctor recommends she use moisturizing balm to prevent dehydration.

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