Siblings, the people whose everyday pranks you cannot stand, yet they are the same people you cannot live without.

Of course everybody has a unique story when it comes to siblings or family in general but one thing is certain: your siblings most likely are the people who know you better than anybody else, probably even yourself.

Some people are in fact closer to their siblings than they are to parents, even more so if they actually grew up together.

However, in one of the stories you are about to read here, two twin brothers who didn’t know each other at all could prove that that close relationship does not always mean you have to stay together at all times.

Their individual stories are bewilderingly similar despite the fact that they have been separated just weeks after birth.

But first, let us talk about twin sisters from Japanese who both enjoyed more than a century of positivity.

10 Kinsan Ginsan

Gin Kanie and Kin Narita from Nagoya became national celebrities in Japan in 1991 when they were about to reach 100 years of age.

Their actual names literally mean Gold and Silver in English, but they were also affectionately known as Kinsan Ginsan.

They were featured in newspaper article and received congratulations from both the Aichi Prefecture governor and the mayor of Nagoya for their health and longevity.

Kin Narita, the elder twin died in 2000 at the age of 107 years and 175 days from heart failure.

The younger twin Gin died a year later; interestingly enough the cause of death was never determined and simply ruled “old age.”

9 Black And White

When you hear the word “twins” chances are you think of two or more people looking almost exactly the same.

Even if they have biracial parents, it is easy to assume the twins would share a reasonable mix of father and mother. Hayleigh and Lauren Durant have proven that wrong.

Their parents, Dean Durant and Alison Spooner Lee are black and white respectively.

When Hayleigh and Lauren were born in 2001, father and mother received a pleasant surprise as their twin baby girls came out to this world biracial too.

Even more surprising was that in 2009, Spooner gave birth to biracial twin sisters again.

8 Abigail And Brittany Hensel

When they were just 6 years old, Abigail and Brittany Hensel made headlines throughout the world soon after their appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

They have two heads and one torso, making them a rare pair among other conjoined twins.

Put in mind that conjoined twins actually are rarities, so it is like finding a needle in pile of needles.

Abigail and Brittany have their own hearts, spines, spinal cords, stomachs, and pairs of lungs.

They can eat and write simultaneously and separately without issues. Other activities such as driving, swimming, and running of course require excellent coordination.

7 Jim Twins

Here is the story of James “Jim” Lewis from Ohio. Born in 1939, he was named James by his adoptive parents.

As a schoolboy he enjoyed carpentry and math, but disliked spelling lesson. He also had a dog, which he named Toy.

In his adult life, he married Linda, but then they divorced and Jim married Betty. Jim had a son named James Lewis who was a chain smoker and drove a Chevrolet.

The story of James “Jim” Springer is exactly the same as the other Jim, down to the names of their first and second wives.

Not surprisingly enough, they are twins, but the bewildering part was that they were separated just weeks after birth and raised by different couples.

Both Jims met for the first time in 1979, before that they didn’t know and had never met each other.

6 Scream Your Head Off

A 22 month old Owen Wright was playing in the park with his brother and sister, a 10 years old Brendan and 8 years old Felicia.

Their father was nowhere around, so three children were outside and unsupervised.

And the unthinkable happened; a stranger came to the scene and took Owen away.

Felicia realized that something was wrong so she screamed as loud as she could for help.

The noise caught the attention of two teenagers and others at the vicinity who then joined the chase.

The kidnapper let Owen go but kept on running. Owen was safe and sound.

5 Everything Together

Kim Abraham and Danielle Grant are fraternal twins.

As kids and teenagers, they did just about everything together until the moment they had to move out the family house and went on with their own lives. Both got married and pregnant. As it turned out, they also had the same due date on April 22.

The prediction missed, but the twins apparently gave birth on the same day nonetheless on April 30. When the twins received the news, they were thrilled and decided to do something together again; raising a family.

4 The Wonder Of YouTube

In 2012, Anaïs Bordier was a fashion student who lived in London.

One day when she browsed YouTube, she found a video of Samantha Futerman who was a female actor based in Los Angeles.

Bordier realized that she shared a lot of similarities with Futerman and did some information digging on her own.

She found out they were born on the same day and then put up for adoption.

After spending some time communicating online with each other, they became aware of their true relation; they are twin sisters raised by different families in two different continents.

3 30 Years Later

The story of Christina Housel and Lyle James Berryman was quite remarkable. Both also didn’t know if they had siblings at all.

When they were young, Housel was put up for adoption while Berryman was sent to live with grandmother.

Thanks to AncestryDNA, Housel figured out that she had a brother and managed to track him down.

They talked via Facebook and finally met in 2017.

From that moment on, they worked together in the search of their twin sisters as well; this also was a successful endeavor.

2 Special Aunties

Samantha Brand was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July 2013; she was 27 years old. She made full recovery, but the disease had made her infertile.

After multiple attempts of having a child with surrogacy and IVF failed, his sisters Nikkita and Rachel decided to do anything they could to help.

Nikkita donated her egg, and Rachel was the surrogate mother. It was a successful team effort that a baby girl named Starla was born in October 2016.

1 Thanks Dwayne

Trying to do the same stunts you see on TV usually is not a good idea, but what Jacob O’Connor did was a remarkable exception.

In July 2017, O’Connor saw his baby brother’s shoes were floating on the pool before finally realizing that his body was on the water as well.

Just like in movies, O’Connor – who was just 10 years old back then – got into the actions.

He retrieved his brother’s body from the water and performed chest compression although the only knowledge he had about the procedure was from Dwayne Johnson in the movie San Andreas.

The brother, Tyke, started to vomit water and survive.

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