Teenage years usually are challenging times for boys and girls as well as their parents.

Facing the fear of academic failure, seemingly uncertain future, and sometimes social pressures, many teenagers fall into the trap of rebellious ignorant personalities and the kind of faux freedom such attitudes may bring.

Constant support from parents and adult friends should make things a little bit easier.

It is hard enough for any normal teen to experience the physical changes and strong emotions at this developmental milestone, even more so for those with medical conditions.

Some teenagers in the following list are in constant pain caused by rare diseases for which medical science has not yet found an effective cure.

Neither do they have access to proper medical treatments nor the financial resources to at least improve quality of life while battling the conditions.

But the list also is filled with few teenagers with extraordinary talents and will power strong enough to exceed social expectation.

10 Jenny Fry

The mother of Jenny Fry believed her daughter suffered from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) and developed allergic reactions to Wi-Fi.

She began showing various symptoms including tiredness, headache, and bladder problems in November 2012, and those conditions would worsen each time she came closer to a wireless router.

On June 11, 2015 and after texting a friend that she planned to kill herself, Jenny was found hanging near her home in Chadlington, Oxfordshire.

She also left letters in which she implied her inability to cope with the Wi-Fi allergies anymore.

9 Julia Vins

Being likened to a Barbie Doll should make any teenage girl gloat with pride, but not for Julia Vins from Engels, Russia. Since childhood, her angelic face has always been compared to that of a doll.

While it wasn’t not necessarily a bad thing, Vins always thought she could much more than just being a pretty girl.

She was right; Vins is now a professional powerlifter with three world records to her name: 180kg squat, 102kg bench press, and 165kg dead lift.

The angelic face remains, but pretty is no longer the correct word to describe her now-muscular figure.

8 Arpit Gohil

Ectopia cordis is a rare medical disorder in which a person is born with organs growing outside of the body. The condition usually suggests very low life-expectancy, but a teenager from India named Arpit Gohil has defied the odds.

His heart grows outside of his rib cage, beneath a thin layer of skin. This means the vital organ has no rigid protection against even the slightest bump.

His diaphragm also doesn’t work due to the condition. Gohil had a normal childhood, and he is actually active as teenager. The last time we heard about Gohil was in late 2015; he was 18 years old then.

7 Luciana Wulkan

The stone man syndrome, scientifically referred to as Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, is a rare condition that causes the connective tissues of the body to become rigid over time.

It affects only 800 people worldwide, and a girl from Bolton, England is one of them.

Her name is Luciana Wulkan, who is now in her late teenage years.

Her muscles, ligaments, and tendons are slowly turning to bones, rendering her almost completely unable to perform even basic tasks.

She already has lost use of the right hand, but she still does her own make up.

6 Rahma Haruna

A 19 years old girl from Nigeria became known worldwide when a photographer captured a picture of her being inside a bucket beside her brother.

She was Rahma Haruna, who suffered from an unknown disease that caused her legs and arms to stop growing after six months of age.

She was unable to do basic tasks such as handling items, crawling, let alone walking. Haruna experienced constant excessive pain in her extremities.

She was often carried around inside a plastic bucket. Rahma Haruna passed away on December 25, 2016.

5 Jaspreet Singh Kalra

Also known as the Rubber Man of India, Jaspreet Singh Kalra is a contortionist. Kalra is so flexible that he can stretch backwards to the point where his head is positioned between his own lower legs, facing forwards.

Other than that, he is able to twist his arms 360 degrees and contort his head 180 degrees.

Kalra himself is unsure whether he was born with such impressive flexibility, but he can say that it is a combination of an acquired talent and inherent trait.

He currently holds the title of Boneless Man in Limca Book of Records, Rubber Man of the World in Miracles World Records, and World’s Youngest Flexible Boy in Unique World Records.

4 Zara Hartshorn

Born in October 1996, Zara Hartshorn from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, looks a lot older that any typical girl her age.

Ever since the age of 12, Zara Hartshorn has often been mistaken for a grown-up woman in her forties.

The same thing goes for her mother who actually looks like a pensioner despite being much younger.

Both mother and daughter suffer from a condition called Cutis Laxa, a rare disorder that makes the skin inelastic. She has undergone plastic surgery to improve her appearance.

3 Hu Yuefang

In the Xiushi County in the eastern China, Hu Yuefang lives with her grandfather, Hu Jinglang, and her younger brother, Hu Hainan.

Yuefang’s father died of illness and her mother abandoned her to start a new family.

She is only about 3 feet 2 inches tall, despite being 15 years old already. At some point in her early teenage years, Yuefang stopped growing.

Because of financial hardships, Jinglang cannot afford to take her to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Yuefang cannot speak and walk.

2 Ari Wibowo

Itchy and dry skin is not actually a rare condition, and you can find remedy in hot showers and moisturizers.

A teenager from Indonesia named Ari Wibowo has to soak in water and apply generous amount of creams every hour to prevent his skin from hardening up. When it does harden up, his ability to move suffers a great deal.

In 2014, an image of the teenager was captured by Nurcholis Anhari Lubis, a photographer who was documenting the boy’s story for an essay.

Wibowo has been diagnosed with erythroderma, also known as red man syndrome. Even with hourly baths and moisturizer, he has been shedding scaly skin every 41 days since birth.

1 Lucy Pearce

A young girl from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, was born with skin so sensitive that even the gentlest pressure will leave noticeable red hives.

Her name is Lucy Pearce, and she suffers from a type of urticaria. The cells under the skin surface begin to release chemicals immediately after being exposed to pressure.

Pearce said that flare-ups were not uncommon, and they could easily happen without her noticing the redness.

The itchy rash appears within minutes of pressure, then go away after about half an hour.

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