8 /10 The Burning Roof

Once 0n the roof, Vasily and some of his fellow firefighters who had climbed up with him coordinated the rest of his team’s efforts, who were trying to get hoses up there.

Armed at first with nothing but buckets of water, the brave men started putting out fires successfully until they began to experience a burning feeling inside of them.

They had been not only working amongst incredibly radioactive material but had also been inhaling radioactive smoke: the symptoms of Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) began to be felt by all.

7 /10 Wasting Away

By the time they decided to climb down and seek help, Vasily and the other firefighters could barely stand on their own and had to support each other to not fall to the ground.

They were vomiting uncontrollably and had severe burns on several parts of their bodies.

They were immediately put under medical watch and sent to the hospital of the little town of Pripyat, just a few kilometers away. But they were already wasting away in front of the very eyes of the men who took them there.


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