A lot of former tomboys can say with great degree of certainty that childhood preference for monkey bars and sports rather than playhouse and dolls does not necessarily indicate the lack of s*xuality in adulthood.

Many icons of s*xiness and femininity of today used to be tomboys in their early childhood maybe until late teenage years. Some still have their tomboy outlook even as adults.

People often associate the term “tomboy” with girls who are as brave and athletic as their boys’ counterparts. Sometimes it is used as the umbrella term for all non-girlie things.

In many ways this is how the society teaches children about gender roles, and in the process restraints individual’s personal freedom or expressions.

In an ideal world, gender identity should not dictate your personality, interest, and profession.

A lot of female celebrities also were (or still are) tomboys. Instead or rejecting the label, they have embraced it and shown to the world that s*xy and tomboy can go hand-in-hand in harmony.

In today’s society, the characteristics often regarded as “tomboyish” have become attractive.

The confidence and independence you see in the following celebrities could be traced back from their tomboyish roots.

10 Mila Kunis

Esquire named her the S*xiest Woman Alive in 2012, and FHM gave her the same title the next year.

Despite such recognition from esteemed publications, Mila Kunis herself claimed she was a tomboy as a young girl.

In her early childhood, she spent a lot of time with her older brother.

Growing up in a small town in Ukraine, where she basically played in the neighborhood all day long, the young Kunis was well-adapted to boy-like characteristics, yet now she is a prominent symbol of female s*xiness.

9 Alyssa Milano

The girl who played Samantha Micelli in Who’s the Boss was Alyssa Milano.

In the series, Micelli is a tomboyish daughter of Tony Micelli, although the character grew to be more feminine in later episodes. Over the course of eight seasons, the transformation was indeed quite apparent.

Samantha transitioned from active daughter with boy-like characteristics into a beautiful woman. Real-life Milano might not have been tomboy in real-life but her role as Micelli led viewers to think that she was.

Either way, she has grown into one of the best-looking female actors on TV.

8 Keira Knightley

British star Keira Knightley never put on a skirt until she was 14 years old. She didn’t even bother worrying about girly look when she made a television debut at a tender age of eight.

She is now better known as the female actor who portrayed Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

While Knightley has become more accustomed to red carpet these days, she still prefers comfortable men’s shirt than a skirt in the less glamour day-to-day life.

7 Fergie

The first time Fergie joined Black Eyed Peas, she outright refused to wear a skirt. She confessed that it was a kind of edgy part of her life where she had no girly mood at all.

When Hey Mama came out, however, Fergie gave in and once again welcomed the feminine side of herself.

At the same time, the raw-edginess she had actually helped her land the gig with the group.

In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2006, Fergie admitted to having the balance between tomboyish and girly characteristics, which she liked.

6 Jessica Biel

After auditioning for several TV pilots, Jessica Biel finally landed a role in the family drama 7th Heaven, in which she portrayed Mary Camden.

Throughout her acting career, Biel has won several awards and was a Golden Globe Award nominee for her role as Cora Tannetti in The Sinner.

As a young girl, she was pretty much carefree thanks to her rural relaxed upbringing. She even described her parents as outdoorsy mountain people.

Biel labels herself as a tomboy, although many of her photos online are evidence to the contrary.

5 Megan Fox

Growing up in a neighborhood where there were more boys than girls to play with, Megan Fox willingly embraced the tomboy image in her.

Back then most of her friends were boys; she had only one girlfriend growing up. Fox didn’t get along quite well with girls, even in her adult years as female actor.

The only female she could call a friend is someone who works at a mall and lives in Florida.

It remains to be seen whether her social circle would expand to include more women, but as it stands today, Fox is one of the s*xiest tomboys in Hollywood.

4 Christian Serratos

You all know Rosita Espinosa from AMC’s The Walking Dead. The person behind the character is Christian Serratos, who once described Rosita as a tomboy post-apocalypse girl. But for Serratos, the tomboyish characteristics were only part of the acts.

In real-life, she was trained in ballet and doing competitive figure skating as well. On the other hand, her father always wanted a boy so he gave her many of boy’s stuff and toys.

There is a little bit of tomboy figure in Serratos, but not so much that it would take her s*xiness away. If anything, it only adds to that.

3 Rihanna

Being a tomboy was a thing of the past for Rihanna. The singer remembered how flat-chested she was as teenager and that she had no boyfriends probably because of all the mosquito bites all over her skin.

Now every time Rihanna comes out in public, she becomes a major attention grabber with her s*xy look and style.

She is a pop queen now with so much beauty and talent to show the world.

The tomboy girl is no more; Rihanna is now an idealized female figure every feminine woman can aspire to be.

2 Emily Blunt

As one of FHM’s 100 S*xiest Women of 2015, Emily Blunt is far from being a tomboy but it wasn’t always that way.

As a child, she despised pink clothes and preferred soccer to Barbie dolls. In fact, she would get mad anytime her mother tried to put her in pink dresses.

Now that she is 37 years old, the tomboy characteristics apparently have not all gone away. Blunt still doesn’t enjoy being a girly girl and she feels more comfortable with her boy-like outlook.

1 Scarlett Johansson

In 2013, Esquire voted Scarlett Johansson as the S*xiest Woman Alive. It has been a while since then, but that does not mean her s*xiness has become unnoticeable.

You can spot Johansson from 300 feet away among dozens of other women even if you cannot clearly see their faces.

Back in 1991, she became the unofficial epitome of tomboy when she appeared in The Horse Whisperer alongside Robert Redford.

The tough-kid tomboy is still there, and actually quiet prominent each time she made those jumps and 360-degree kicks as Black Widow. And of course there is an overwhelming degree of s*xiness to see.

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