Few things are as terrifying as crocodile attacks. They happen quite often.

No matter how safe you think you are, these reptiles have a way of sneaking up on you when your guard is down.

Very few people survive attacks like these as not only are these animals insanely powerful.

Their vicious grip and sharp teeth are enough to tear your body into shreds within seconds.

Not many people have lived to tell their survival stories from such attacks.

However, the few tales that do exist are nothing short of enthralling.

One of those tales is about a brave eleven-year-old girl who saved her nine-year-old friend from a vicious crocodile attack.

Whenever you hear about people managing to escape from assaults, they mostly end up shooting the animal multiple times.

It seems like the only way out as very few things can hurt these reptiles.

That said, what this girl did to help her friend escape from a reptile assault was arguably the bravest thing to do in the face of such danger.

What Happened?

A group of sixth-graders was taking swimming lessons in a Zimbabwean stream.

The country is full of clean lakes and streams, where many people go to blow off steam.

They are relatively safe and are almost free from life-threatening incidents.

The primary school students swam there for hours, after which they decided to call it a day.

As they were packing their stuff to head back home, they heard someone screaming for help.

Initially, they didn’t see anyone, but the voice was getting louder.

One of the girls followed the sound and saw one of her colleagues under attack by a crocodile.

The creature was gripped the nine-year old’s thigh with its teeth and trying to pull the girl underwater.

It seemed like she wouldn’t make it as her body was full of bruises, and she was struggling to fend off the attack by swimming away.

One of the eldest students in the group, Rebecca Munkombwe, decided to take matters into hands and jumped inside the water to save her friend.

People who were witnessing this thought that they would lose both the girls as they were quite small compared to the crocodile.

However, what Rebecca did once she reached the creature was nothing like anybody had witnessed before.

She held the crocodile’s jaw and forced it open to let her friend escape its clutches.

The animal tried to retaliate by attacking Rebecca, but she wrestled it and shielded her body from the reptile’s claws and teeth.

Tons of people gathered around to witness what was transpiring, but aside from a couple of people who tried to save the girl by throwing stones, no one helped.

Thinking that she would lose this battle, Rebecca decided that the only way she could escape this ordeal was by disorienting the crocodile.

So, she started pounding its face with her fists.

The eleven-year-old threw a flurry of stiff punches that would knock out an average man.

Her attack indeed shocked the reptile, giving her enough time to swim away.

Fortunately, the girl saved her colleague from imminent death and left the attack unscathed.

People welcomed her with loud cheers and gave her a hero’s welcome when she returned home.

A Local Hero

People immediately took the nine-year-old girl and Rebecca to the hospital as soon as they retrieved them from the stream.

The elder one had minor injuries while her younger colleague had severe cuts and bruises.

The parents did not know about what happened and were worried sick as their daughters had not come home.

However, the local authorities informed them what had happened.

The families immediately rushed to the hospital to see if their children were safe.

Luckily, both of them were safe and ready to come home.

Latoya Muwani, the younger girl, had to stay in the medical facility for several days as doctors wanted to look after her wounds before letting her return home.

Her parents were very thankful for Rebecca and stated that they will always remember what she did for their daughter.

They expressed their gratitude by organizing a grand party for her and announcing that they will treat her like a part of their family.

Local television and radio stations discussed the incident in great detail, claiming that governments should enforce stricter measures to protect people from animal attacks, especially when it comes to creatures that live near streams and lakes.

The channels also invited the victim and the eleven-year-old heroine to recount what happened and warn people regarding such incidents.

Crocodile Attacks In Africa

While the area where these girls were swimming was relatively safe, Africa has been experiencing an increasing amount of crocodile attacks.

Hundreds of people lose their lives to such assaults and those who manage to escape often come out with irreversible bodily damage.

According to recent studies, children have been the majority of the victims in alligator and crocodile attacks in African countries.

South Africa, Uganda, Togo, and Zimbabwe have the highest casualty rates from such assaults across the world.

One of the biggest reasons behind these occurrences is that governments haven’t been taking the necessary measures to prevent people from swimming in dangerous streams and lakes.

Trophy hunters also find themselves under attack from opportunistic crocodiles waiting for their prey.

Some people believe that these creatures like to keep their territories safe, which is why thy kill and eat anybody that they think are a threat to their area.

The best thing for people living in countries with high crocodile populations is to steer clear from dangerous territories and avoid hunting in these areas.

According to some wildlife experts, crocodiles live in fish-breeding locations.

They come to the surface as soon as the fish population depletes and prey on human beings.

Let’s hope that people practice more safety around these areas, and no more children have to save others by putting their lives on the line.

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