Plus, their strength was also increasing as more and more people were joining them.

What made matters even worse was that this group had tons of ammunition and other sorts of weaponry.

It made them a terroristic threat and gave them the belief that they could overcome armed encounters against the police and other forms of law-enforcement.

Members of this group rode in pickup trucks and went to streets inhabited mostly by African Americans.

They scared them and made fun of them whenever they would see them out on the road.

One day, they took things to the extreme when they visited an area where a family was hosting an outdoor birthday party.

The white supremacists got out of their vehicle and started hurling insults at everyone at the party.

They told them to vacate the premises and threatened to shoot them if they did not.

One of the members even pointed his gun at the birthday boy, promising to kill him if the family did not stop the party.

Kayla and Jose were particularly quite hostile towards everybody as they hurled racial slurs left and right.

Fortunately, somebody alerted the police about this incident while it was happening – making sure that they arrested the perpetrators on the spot.

The police reached immediately, but some of the group members had already escaped. Luckily, they were able to put handcuffs on some of the terrorists, including Kayla and Jose.

The Sentence

News outlets heavily featured the Georgia couple and others who participated with them to commit these heinous acts.

It showed how people who seem regular can turn out to be evil and that everybody should stay vigilant against such groups.

As you would expect, the confederate members did not receive any sympathy from the judges or people in court. 

According to reports from CNN and other reputable news outlets, Jose Torres received a twenty-year sentence for three aggravated assault counts.

The judge also tried the boyfriend for making terroristic threats and not following the Georgia Street Gang Terrorism Prevention Act.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend got a fifteen-year sentence not abiding by the Street Gang Act law and for making terroristic threats. 


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