There cannot be any individual, who has lived through the late 90s era, who wouldn’t recognize the Queen of Pop, Britney Spears.

Britney Jean Spears is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer. She appeared in a variety of television series and stage productions before she signed her big breakthrough with Jive Records in 1997.

With success pouring in like bucket loads as she released albums, we saw major changes taking place in her style as well.

Britney has her own genre of fashion, as we have noted right from her dancing with snakes days to being a new mom and a Vegas Queen.

Despite the turbulent times in her career lately and her personal life, we will always look up to Spears as a gem of the industry.

10 1998

Britney signed her contract with Jive Records in 1998, not realizing that she was charting on the path to stardom.

9 1999

As soon as Britney released ‘Baby One More Time’ in 1999, her prime time truly began.

8 2000

In 2000, Britney earned her title as the Queen of Pop with her second album ‘Oops!…I Did it Again’. Britney’s triumphant smile gives evidence that the star is in her groove alright.

7 2004

After dazzling us with her blond locks, Britney turned into a brunette as 2004 dawned. We love the look, but our vote lies with the blonde Britney Spears.

6 2006

Back to being a blonde as well as a hot new mom, in 2006. Britney poses with her adorable baby Jayden in the picture.

5 2007

2007 may have been a challenging year for Britney Spears but damned if she lets the world know it. Look at her flaunting that bold choker with her lovely smile. Brits didn’t let anything defeat her, and we love this beauty’s courage.

4 2011

Blondes and fun go hand in hand. Britney looks happier and more radiant than ever before. She lets her style do all the talking for her.

3 2013

Nobody rocked a v-neck like it’s nobody’s business better than our Spears girl.

2 2014

Britney charted her residency journey in Vegas in 2014, all the while proving that was and will always continue to be the Pop Queen.

1 2016

2016 and yet we couldn’t spot a single flaw in the musical diva.

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